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The Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Plaque Psoriasis

from: Skin Care Adviser

The occurrence of plaque psoriasis is not a rare thing. In fact, plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis around, and psoriasis is said to infect at least 2% of the present population in the US.

Plaque psoriasis is a disease that manifests itself on certain parts of a person's anatomy, and usually these manifestations come in the form of red, scaly blotches that are either itchy or pretty unsightly to look at.

How does one get plaque psoriasis and what can be done to help a person get over the symptoms of this disease?

The disease known as plaque psoriasis is usually acquired through heredity, although there are also indications that the disease can develop in people that are HIV positive, smokers or drug users.

There are also indications that plaque psoriasis can occur in people who are stressed out, alcohol drinkers, or those who are exposed to too much sunlight. While these factors may indeed trigger the emergence of psoriasis, the usual reason for a person having psoriasis is due to the fact that his or her parents have it.

The possibility of a child developing psoriasis rises if both parents have the disease and it diminishes slightly when only one parent has the skin problem.

Plaque psoriasis often manifests itself first as a reddish rash or burn that may or may not itch. These very red patches of skin may eventually develop a scaly scab that when peeled off will reveal a reddish skin that may bleed or crack.

The scales and plaques that this kind of psoriasis causes may appear anywhere on a person's body, and it may cause discomfort, pain or even infection if it is not taken care of. These flare-ups usually last around a few weeks to as long as a few months, and they may recur after a few months of living without any flare-ups.

Treatments for plaque psoriasis vary according to the severity of the affliction, and they are available in either combination treatments or solo treatments.

There are topical medications, oral or systemic treatments, and photo therapy treatments that can help with the flare-ups that a psoriasis sufferer experiences. These can be administered in conjunction with one another, depending on how severe a psoriasis case may be.

The topical medications can also be purchased as over the counter medications, or as prescription creams and ointments, depending on what the attending physician advises the patient to do.

Systemic treatments can come in either oral or injection forms while photo therapy usually uses either UV rays or laser to help get rid of the flare-ups on a person’s skin.

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