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Body Detox With A Psoriasis Diet

from: Skin Care Adviser

If you have scaly skin outbreaks from psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis, you could benefit from a formal detox cleansing program. However, just changing your type of food, thereby initiating body detox with a psoriasis diet, might show up positively on your skin.

Toxins And Psoriasis

Our cells are packed with toxins coming from everything around us, through the air we breathe to the food we eat. A concept particularly imperative to grasp is that with toxins and psoriasis sufferers, the most healthy means to take out such poisons is the urine - not expulsion through the skin.

If you are plagued by itchy, burning, scaly skin from psoriasis, it is best to adjust your eating habits as soon as possible in order to not only soothe the symptoms, but remove the root cause of toxicity. Consuming whole foods instead of processed foods is the best approach.

To avoid psoriatic outbreaks, you will want to keep the toxins in your body's system to a minimum. As stated above, in the developed world we are constantly in contact with poisons found in just about everything. Such toxins are often the causes of a rash.

Organic Food In A Psoriasis Diet

An easy way to avoid toxins is by eating organic foods instead of produce grown using artificial and toxic chemicals and pesticides.

If organic food is beyond your budget, make sure to at least wash off fresh produce well to remove as many as possible of the pesticides.

Raw Food For A Psoriasis Diet

The best way to eat fruits and vegetables is raw because all produce loses some nutrients when cooked.

Furthermore, raw vegetables and fruits are higher in fiber. Raw produce is easier for your digestive system to break down because the enzymes required for digestion are intact.

Some foods that are easy for the digestive system to process include:

  • Beans

  • Seafood (Visit Basic Detox to learn how you can remove mercury you may absorb from eating fish)

  • Raw nuts (Nuts have lots of fiber, minerals and protein)

  • Green, leafy vegetables (organic is extra important)

  • Fresh fruit (Cooking makes fruit acidic and quickly destroys enzymes)

The more organic fresh fruit and raw vegetables that are in your diet, the less likely you are to develop allergies.

Fats And Salt In Your Psoriasis Diet

Are you concerned about eating too many fats? Too many of the wrong fats are bad, but the body does need minor but critical amounts of fatty acids to properly function.

EFAs (essential fatty acids) are a critical factor in eliminating and reducing inflammation within the body. Good fatty acids you can add to a psoriasis diet are found in walnuts, cold water fish (be aware of the mercury), flaxseed, and organic leafy green vegetables.

Are you concerned about salt?

High sodium food is not good for you and can be dehydrating. But some sea salt is better than other salts. Switching out your highly processed salt with sea salt is a more natural, supportive choice.

Like other highly processed foods, refined salt has all its natural minerals stripped. Using natural sea salt instead may provide many benefits, such as raising your energy, help to relieve symptoms of allergies and rashes, protection from radiation, balancing your body's pH, supply important minerals, support resistance to infection, and replace lost electrolytes.

Hydration Is Important In The Psoriasis Diet

With psoriasis, you don't want to dry out. Better yet, drinking water may be the fastest method to help the detox process and hydration in the psoriasis diet.

Water/Agua/H20 - whatever you call it - drink copious amounts! Make sure your water is pure. Think about purchasing a filter for your kitchen. Adequate pure liquid helps flush toxins out via your lymphatic system and not your skin.

Skin And Diet

The main thing to remember is that your skin and diet are inextricably intertwined. Your skin reflects the toxins you have absorbed.

By simply changing what you eat you can begin a body detox with a psoriasis diet, giving your body a chance to use its own immune system to find its balance to become vibrant and healthy.

Stay away from environmental poisons and you'll quickly concur - small adaptations in food and eating habits necessary for a psoriasis diet result in benefits that far outweigh the challenges of change.